It is time to disband the NYDA and put the money it squanders to effective use

Issued by Nicholas Nyati – DA Youth Interim Federal Leader
21 Jul 2022 in News

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has once again shown how out of touch it is with the massive crises facing the youth of South Africa. Instead of focusing on how to help the youth with the ever-increasing cost of living, unemployment, and unmanageable fuel price increases, it is flitting off to Russia, the country that is largely responsible for the fuel and cost of living price hikes!

The NYDA chairperson, Asanda Luwaca, has publicly announced that she will be addressing the opening ceremony of the BRICS international youth camp held in the Ulyanovski region, Russia.

The NYDA clearly proudly supports Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine, which has had a direct and deadly impact on all South Africans, as our fuel and food prices continue to soar. The rising cost of living will without a doubt also contribute to social inequalities and crime.

The NYDA does not represent us as the Youth, they live and earn like Ministers, they act and talk like people with no regard for human rights and dignity. Those who support Russia and rub shoulders with the warmongers are no friends of peace-loving South Africans.

For more than a decade, the NYDA has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As such the DA Youth reiterates its call to disband the NYDA and use those funds for the establishment of youth opportunity centres. For too long money needed to help lift the youth out of poverty and hopelessness is squandered by a group of attention seeking socialites who have long since forgotten the plight of young South Africans.

Disband this nonsense agency and put the taxpayer’s money to beneficial use in developing the skills and opportunities for those who need it most.