ANC government must admit it has no plan to solve illegal land invasion crisis

Issued by Emma Louise Powell MP – DA Shadow Minister of Human Settlements
25 Aug 2022 in News

The DA has written to the chairperson of the parliamentary portfolio committee on human settlements, Machwene Rosina Semenya, to request that the Minister of Human Settlements, Mmamoloko Kubayi, be summoned to account on the crisis of illegal land invasions.

For many years, the Ministry has condemned illegal land invasions but nothing of any value has been done to stop them.

In order to protect development land, municipalities across South Africa spend millions from their housing grants on private security every year.

This money could be spent on fast tracking the delivery of homes to the two million law-abiding citizens who are patiently waiting on the housing database.

In the Western Cape alone, more than R2.5 billion worth of public property has been lost to illegal land invasions since 2020.

The Minister must now admit to Parliament that the ANC does not have a plan to solve the crisis. It is time government worked with the DA on the implementation of our proposed anti-land invasion laws.

The DA’s plan will finally solve the crisis and ensure the protection of private property rights, as well as the rights of our poorest citizens.