ActionSA Breaks Ranks with Coalition in Joburg

Issued by Solly Msimanga MPL – Official Leader of the Opposition-Gauteng
22 Oct 2022 in News

Merely 24 hours after reaching an agreement with coalition partners in Joburg, ActionSA broke ranks and decided to follow its own path with its own agenda.

This happened during the Joburg council meeting held on Friday 21 October when ActionSA nominated its own candidates for crucial committee chairperson positions competing with coalition partners opposing the ANC. This despite agreeing to support coalition partners for specific portfolio positions just 24 hours earlier.

An example of this was the agreement to support the IFP for the position of Chairperson of Committees. ActionSA nominated their own candidate despite the agreement, forcing the IFP to withdraw its nomination.

ActionSA continued to oppose the coalition against the ANC in further votes including the one for Chief Whip of council where it opposed the DA candidate.

It is clear that ActionSA has no intention of saving Johannesburg from the ANC-led Coalition of the Corrupt and that they will no longer share the vision and principles of the Coalition of Hope.

This treachery is a slap in the face of all those coalition partners who, along with the residents of the City of Johannesburg, want a government that will govern in the interests of the people. It seems that ActionSA’s much proclaimed decision to not work with the ANC was either never true or very short lived. In the end, ActionSA’s hypocrisy has been laid bare.

The Democratic Alliance remains committed to the work of the coalition to rid Johannesburg of the ANC coalition of corruption and replace it with a government with values, principles and that believes in the rule of law. Those chasing little more than power, position and publicity should note that the citizens of this fine city see them for what they are.