DA counting down to ANC corruption case

Issued by John Steenhuisen MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
07 Oct 2022 in News

The DA is eagerly counting down until the ANC launches its threatened legal action over the DA’s accurate description of this party as corrupt. In case the ANC was still unsure, allow me to clear up any remaining uncertainty: the ANC is pathologically corrupt, and every South African knows this to be true.

By our calculations, the ANC only has 27 hours left to file their threatened legal action. The clock is ticking. Our lawyers are awaiting service of legal papers.

As part of this legal case, which the DA has already started preparing, we will expose every single instance and scheme of corruption perpetrated by the ANC over the past 30 years. The case presents a historic opportunity to confirm, before a court of law, that which every South African already knows: The ANC is corrupt, and its corruption has robbed millions of South Africans of jobs, electricity, running water, and a better future.

So the DA says to the ANC: bring it on!

Either the ANC stands by its threat and launches legal action, in which case the DA is ready to expose reams of evidence proving that the ANC is corrupt. On the other hand, if the ANC backs down from their public threat, it will prove that this party is not only corrupt, but also home to craven cowards.

The clock is ticking.