SAPS’ inaction on Kinnear Report recommendations raises questions of a possible cover-up

Issued by Andrew Whitfield MP – DA Shadow Minister of Police
02 Nov 2022 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Andrew Whitfield MP.

The DA’s efforts to scrutinise the classification of the Kinnear report as “Top Secret” revealed startling revelations in the police portfolio committee today.

IPID confirmed that their investigation was finalised on 4th of May 2022 and that while it was classified top secret they neglected to follow all of the requirements in terms of the Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS). The Executive Director and her team further confirmed that the final report which contains recommendations to be implemented has been with the SAPS for months and that IPID has not received any correspondence from the SAPS in spite of the fact that the IPID Act requires that they respond within 30 days.

These revelations have raised questions regarding the validity of the classification and the seriousness with which SAPS treats recommendations from IPID as well as possible attempts by the SAPS to protect those implicated in the IPID report.

The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, must account for the inaction by the SAPS and explain to the portfolio committee why SAPS continues to disregard IPID’s recommendations.

SAPS’ blatant disregard for the IPID Act, especially on such a high profile matter involving the assassination of one of their own members, highlights the impunity with which the SAPS continues to operate and gives credence to claims that the SAPS in the Western Cape has been captured by gangs.

The assassination of Colonel Charl Kinnear and the involvement of gangs in his murder along with Judge Thulare’s revelation of the state of capture of the SAPS In the Western Cape by the gangs as well as ongoing corruption in the ranks of the SAPS across the country necessitates an urgent national commission of inquiry into capture and corruption within the SAPS.

Saving the SAPS from complete capture and collapse must be treated as an urgent national priority. It is for this reason that the DA has written to the President to request that he initiate a national commission of inquiry into corruption and capture of the SAPS.

South Africans deserve to live in safety, free from the threat of violence and the fear that they will become a victim of crime. In order to achieve this we need a professional, capable and effective police service we can trust which is committed to fighting criminals not joining them.