DA lays criminal charges against Coalition of Corruption in Knysna

Issued by Dr Dion George MP – DA Constituency Head, Knysna
05 Dec 2022 in News

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Today, the DA laid criminal charges against Knysna Mayor, Councillor Ndoda Aubrey Tsengwa and Speaker, Councillor Mncedisi David Skosana for fraud and perjury.

This follows charges laid against Councillor Alberto Riccardo Marbi, Deputy Mayor, acting Municipal Manager, Roland Butler and Acting Director of Corporate Services, Adv Luvuyo Loliwe.

In granting the DA an urgent application in the Western Cape High Court to interdict the payment of illegally employed cadres, Judge Henny’s judgment was scathing against Councillor Marbi in particular for attempting to “commit fraud on the court” by submitting a false affidavit. In his affidavit, Councillor Marbi swore under oath that the former Acting Municipal Manager had signed employment contracts for the cadres, and therefore were employees at the Municipality, knowing this was untrue.

Councillor Tsengwa and Skosana swore under oath that they were aware of the affidavit submitted by Councillor Marbi and that it was true. Both knew that it was not.

The first action of the ANC/Patriotic Alliance/PBI/EFF Coalition of Corruption, after ousting the DA-led government, was to illegally change the council organogram to add eight new positions that it then filled with cadres deployed by the ANC, Patriotic Alliance and PBI, without following any due process. This included the wife and brother of Patriotic Alliance and PBI senior officials.

The illegal changes to the organogram and employment process form part of Part B of the DA’s application to court and will be heard early next year.

Disciplinary action will be taken against Butler and Loliwe as municipal employees and code of ethics violation charges will follow for the 11 councillors who voted to pay the salaries, even though they had a legal opinion advising them against payment.

This money was meant to fund temporary employment for unemployed Knysna youth during the high season. The DA will not stand by while the Coalition of Corruption attempts to capture the town and steal the money of the hardworking ratepayers of Knysna.

This judgment is a victory for democracy against cadre deployment and corruption that the DA will fight, tooth and nail for.