DA announces Federal Congress 2023 theme

Issued by Dr Ivan Meyer – DA Federal Chairperson
23 Feb 2023 in News

The DA today announces the theme for our elective Federal Congress 2023. The theme is a statement of intent for South Africa and our offer to the people of South Africa – A Strong DA to Build a Better Future.

The theme embodies a DA working hard to build a new majority for South Africa that will see our country out of the clutches of bad governance, corruption, rolling blackouts, the cost of living crisis and a high crime rate.

In everything the DA does, we work toward a better future for our country.

South Africa cannot prosper under the current national government which is committed to ongoing capture of the state, ingrained corruption, broken promises and weak leadership. South Africa needs change urgently, and the DA is going from strength to strength to deliver that. Only a strong DA can create a better future in South Africa

On 1 and 2 April 2023, the DA will hold its Federal Congress at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg to elect a new leadership and make resolutions to help charter a way forward for the 2024 Elections and beyond, toward ultimately unseating the ANC and forming a new national government to build a better future.

On Monday 27 February 2023 the Party will officially open media accreditation for the Federal Congress while on Wednesday 15 March the names of candidates nominated to stand for election to Party Leadership roles will be announced.

The successful candidates, chosen by a democratic, internal election, will be announced on Sunday 2 April 2023.