DA celebrates increased percentage vote share in by-elections

Issued by Greg Krumbock MP – DA Election 2024 Campaign Manager
29 Jun 2023 in News

The DA is pleased to announce that we have achieved significant success in by-elections yesterday, securing increased percentage vote shares in all four wards we were defending. These results demonstrate the growing support for the DA and our commitment to delivering real change and reliable service delivery for the people of South Africa.

In Ward 11, eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal, the DA’s candidate, Allan Peterson, emerged victorious with an increased majority, garnering 57.1% of the vote compared to 40.7% in the previous local government election. Peterson’s deep roots in the community and dedication to public service have resonated with residents, who trust him to advocate for their interests in council.

Similarly, in Tshwane, Gauteng, the DA congratulates Andrew Lesch on his election as Ward Councillor for ward 83. Lesch’s impressive victory with 72% of the vote reflects the ongoing faith voters have in the DA in Tshwane. With Lesch’s addition to the council, the multi-party coalition now holds an outright majority, strengthening our position to drive positive change, fight corruption, and restore our economy.

The triumph in Ward 14, Middelburg, Steve Tshwete Local Municipality, further underscores the confidence voters have placed in the DA. Elsie Vermooten, a dedicated resident of Middelburg, assumes the role of Ward 14 Councillor with an increased majority of 96.58%, up from 79.79% in the previous election. We look forward to see how Vermooten tackles crucial issues such as infrastructure, street light outages, and illegal dumping, delivering on the DA’s commitment to responsive governance.

In Cape Town’s Ward 107, the DA not only retained the ward but significantly increased its support, securing 94.07% of the vote compared to 82.36% in the previous election. This result reaffirms the trust voters have in the DA’s track record of excellent service delivery in Cape Town and across the Western Cape. We congratulate Jonathan Mills, the newly elected DA councillor, on his resounding victory and his commitment to building on the successes already achieved in the ward.

These by-election results mark an upward trajectory for the DA as we head into the 2024 elections. More and more communities are uniting behind us as the party that can bring viable change to South Africa. The writing is on the wall for the ANC in 2024, and the DA is ready to lead the way towards a brighter future.

In the last 13 by elections, the Democratic Alliance has shown growth of up to nearly twenty percent. From KZN to the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga to the Western Cape, the confidence that voters have in the DA shows that the party is on the right track.

We extend our gratitude to our dedicated activists, public representatives, and staff whose hard work and unwavering commitment contributed to our success in these by-elections. We also thank every voter who placed their confidence in the DA and recognized our unwavering commitment to serving the people of South Africa.

Change is on the horizon, and with your support, we will continue fighting for service delivery, rooting out corruption, and restoring our nation’s prosperity.

Woza 2024!

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