A peek at the City’s progress with new dome classroom at Green Point Park

07 Jul 2023 in Where We Govern

The City’s Environmental Management Department has made great progress with the construction of the new dome shaped educational space at Green Point Park. This classroom will form part of the City’s Experiential Education Garden (EEG), currently being built on the edge of the park. Once complete, it will serve as an outdoor environmental education space for learners and a safe place for visitors to immerse themselves in nature. Read more below:

‘In case residents were wondering what we’re up to at the Green Point Urban Park, we’re preserving our heritage! Residents are welcome to come and have a look at what we’re building for future generations. The team has made great progress with the construction of the dome classroom. It’s been very exciting to see this beautiful structure come together so quickly and as imagined, it really is going to be a standout feature of the park. The Khoi education programme and exhibition displays will form part of this domed educational space imitating a Khoi dwelling with exhibitions inside,’ said the City’s Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Eddie Andrews.

Construction is anticipated to be complete towards the end of August.

The first phase of the EEG project was launched in December 2020 and during the current phase more elements, such as the dome structured classroom, is being added. The dome’s design references the dwellings of the Khoi and pays tribute to their heritage as a First Nations group. The proposed exhibition displays and educational programmes will further relay their history. These components will also link to the current Khoe structures and information in the biodiversity showcase garden in the Green Point Park.

‘The aim of the EEG is to reconnect people and especially children, living in a city, to the environment in a creative and fun way. The addition of the Khoi dome structure, exhibition and lesson elements will further enhance the EEG’s offering to all visitors,’ said Alderman Andrews.



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