Learning through the Arts Aweh! programme

06 Jul 2023 in Where We Govern

The City’s Arts and Culture Branch recently held an Arts Aweh! programme for children in 10 different areas throughout the metropole, providing creative learning experiences and an opportunity to participate in various art forms. The programme started on 1 May and concluded at the end of June.  Read more below:

Arts Aweh! is a creative after-school programme for children, offering a range of activities including drawing, painting, photography, hip hop, dance, performance, poetry, clay and beading.

Children from: Dunoon, Delft, Pella, Langa, Bridgetown, Silvertown, Heideveld, Bonteheuwel, Woodlands and Eastridge participated in the pilot project, with over 400 children attending the project each day, approximately 19 800 for the duration of the programme.

They  were shown the ropes by 40 multi-disciplinary creative coaches.

Apart from creating a supportive environment that fosters learning and growth and allows children to connect with their peers in a creative, fun and engaging way, Arts Aweh! also helped create safe spaces for children to work together and appreciate one another’s unique cultures and perspectives.

‘Arts is a wonderful medium to express, learn  and communicate. It is wonderful to know that so many learners had the opportunity to participate in the arts programme in a safe space. Although this is the first year that the programme provided these opportunities we are hopeful that Arts Aweh! will be an annual highlight on the Arts and Culture calendar,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia Van der Ross.

The pilot project culminated in a series of exhibitions during June, showcasing the skills that the young participants had acquired.


Below some quotes from coaches:

Zach Esau (Heideveld)

Few things make me smile more than seeing art heal people. I have smiled so many times on this programme.

Irma Titus (programme Mentor, Heideveld and Bonteheuwel)

Arts education is about opening the heart-space and creatively beautifying our communities from the inside out.

Litha Mayiya (Gugulethu)

The Arts Aweh! After School Programme provided a safe and structured environment for children and youth to learn, grow and have fun.


Below some quotes from participants:


Laylah Sasman, age 12  (Heideveld)

When I started attending this programme I felt safe and very happy and learned so much.

Donna Summers, age 13 (Woodlands)

I like being at this programme, it keeps me off the streets.

Kaede-Jade Daniels, age 15 (Bonteheuwel)

Arts makes me express my feelings that I keep deep inside. The art I create represents the way I feel. Creating art makes me feel better after….I love art.

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