SAFA undermines Banyana’s World Cup aspirations

Issued by Tsepo Mhlongo MP – DA Shadow Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture
03 Jul 2023 in News

Please find attached soundbites in English and isiZulu by Tsepo Mhlongo MP.

  • SAFA is reportedly not providing financial support to the women’s national football team representing the country at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  • The DA calls on SAFA to address this issue promptly, urging transparency in disclosing match fees and incentives to demonstrate a commitment to fairness and equality in women’s sports.

Yesterday, South Africa’s senior women’s national football team, Banyana Banyana, played their final warm-up match on home soil before embarking on their journey to the FIFA Women’s World Cup later this month.

According to reports, the South African Football Association (SAFA) has chosen not to provide financial support for the players representing South Africa at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It is crucial for the growth and development of women’s sports that athletes receive a fair match appearance fee system and bonus structure. Insufficient financial support can impede the progress of women’s sports and discourage young women from pursuing careers in athletics.

South Africa emerged victorious in the CAF Women’s Africa Cup of Nations for the first time last year, earning them a spot in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It is imperative that the government and national association align their actions with their words in promoting women’s sports. By offering financial support and creating an environment where female athletes feel valued and encouraged, we can greatly inspire young women to pursue their dreams and represent their country on the global stage.

Therefore, it is crucial for SAFA to promptly address this matter and ensure that the South African women’s national football team receives the necessary support to focus on their preparations for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The DA urges SAFA to publicly disclose the breakdown of match fees per player, as well as the incentive structures in place for advancing to subsequent stages of the tournament. Transparency regarding match fees and incentives is paramount. By making this information public, SAFA can demonstrate its commitment to fairness and equality in women’s sports. Such transparency will also help foster trust among the players, the association, and the public.

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