Ten days left to comment on the City’s Data Strategy

06 Jul 2023 in Where We Govern

As part of the City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) of creating a modernised, capable, and transparent government that benefits its residents, businesses, and stakeholders, the City has drafted a Data Strategy and wants to encourage people to provide their input. This is in line with the City’s vision of being a City of Hope. The Data Strategy opened for comment on 15 June and will close on 15 July 2023. Read more below:

The City views its data as a collection of public assets that, when managed and organised, enables the City to be responsive to residents and business’s needs.  The City also generates and holds a vast and diverse amount of data.  These include:

  • Spatial data
  • Operational data
  • Administrative data
  • Data collected from, or about residents and businesses

‘The City manages this data in a trustworthy and ethical manner in terms of our Data Strategy.  We seek to enhance our strategic planning by institutionalising a culture of evidence-based decision-making and realising the full potential of the available data.

‘At the same time, we also overcome urban development challenges and address complex issues facing Cape Town, by creating a more open, efficient, transparent and responsive government,’ said Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis

The desired outcomes of the strategy include:

  • Maximising public benefit through improved service delivery
  • Enabling streamlined data sharing
  • Increasing data openness and inclusion
  • Protection of individual’s information and privacy
  • Designing efficient and effective services

Comments can be submitted to the municipality in respect of the draft strategy including the following channels:

Submit your comments online view: https://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Have-your-say/Issues-open-for-public-comment/draft-data-strategy


Deliver your comment by hand to:

 Policy and Strategy Department

Cape Town Civic Centre

fifth floor

12 Hertzog Boulevard

Cape Town



The City’s Public Participation Unit will assist people with disabilities or who are unable to read or write. Contact Mbuthokazi Kubashe on 021 400 9808 or Email: mbuthokazi.kubashe@capetown.gov.za


For general enquiries about the strategy, contact Katherine Hyman on Email: katherine.hyman@capetown.gov.za


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