EXPOSED: Senior PA cadres unlawfully paid millions in the City of Joburg

Issued by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku – DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader
13 Aug 2023 in News
  • The DA exposes senior Patriotic Alliance (PA) members unlawfully occupying high-paying roles in Johannesburg, costing taxpayers millions.
  • The PA’s manipulation of power through illegal appointments reflects their disregard for good governance.
  • The DA demands accountability through a Public Protector complaint, urging swift action to ensure transparent governance prioritising citizens’ interests

Please find attached a soundbite by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku.

The DA can today reveal that senior members of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) are unlawfully occupying high-paying positions in the City of Johannesburg costing the taxpayers millions per year.

Mr Charles Cilliers, the co-founder and national chairperson of the PA unlawfully holds two roles in the City of Johannesburg: Director: Executive Support to the Member of the Executive Council (MMC) for Human Settlements as well as the Chairperson of the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA).

Collectively in these positions, Cilliers earns around R1.2 million per year – salaries paid for by the taxpayers of Johannesburg.

We can further reveal that the Director of the Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC) in the City of Johannesburg is Mr Thedi Darrius Moropa, a member of the PA who was listed as the 5th candidate on the PA regional North West election list in 2019.

It is particularly significant that the Roads Agency as well as the MTC reside in the Department of Transportation, of which the PA’s Kenny Kunene is the MMC.

Just a month ago, through manoeuvring by the PA, the Johannesburg Council voted to reposition the MTC under the Transport Department – a calculated move to pave the way for further cadre deployment (a new CEO is set to earn a staggering R1.6 million per year) as well as corruption and looting. The housing of an IT company under Transport is nothing short of sinister.

The DA is ready to take action and has initiated a Public Protector complaint against Mr. Charles Cilliers for his unlawful employment in the City of Johannesburg. We will not stand by while the PA undermines the very fabric of our democracy and exploits positions of power for their personal and political gain.

Section 71B of the Municipal Systems Act clearly stipulates that: “A staff member may not hold political office in a political party, whether in a permanent, temporary or acting capacity.” As national chairperson of the PA, Mr Cilliers is in direct violation of the Act. The Act was signed into law in August 2022 – well before Mr Cilliers’ employment on 1 July 2023. The Act is thus directly applicable to this case.

The DA condemns the PA’s manipulation of power for its own gain, evident in Mr. Cilliers’ and Mr Moropa’s illegal appointments. It is blatant cadre deployment that underscores the PA’s complete disregard for the principles of good governance. Their actions are a slap in the face to the citizens of Johannesburg who deserve transparent and accountable leadership. These PA cadres who have been illegally deployed must pay back the money thieved from the people of Johannesburg.

The DA demands accountability and transparency from those in power. We urge the Public Protector to swiftly investigate this matter, identify the violations of the Municipal Systems Act, and recommend appropriate remedies and sanctions. The people of Johannesburg deserve a government that serves their interests, not the interests of political parties seeking to enrich themselves.

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