Speech: Re-elected DA Gauteng Provincial Leader Solly Msimanga

Issued by Solly Msimanga MPL – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
12 Aug 2023 in Speeches

Note to editors: The following speech was delivered today by the re-elected DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, Solly Msimanga, at the Gauteng Provincial Congress in Boksburg. See photo here


The battle is never internally, but externally focused. We will lose a great opportunity if we remain internally focused and allow for divisions to creep in, in the Democratic Alliance. Our job is carved for us. The people of Gauteng are demanding a change in leadership.

They are demanding for an economy that will work for them. They are demanding for cities that are able to provide services to them. Police that will face criminals head on. Hospitals that will provide world class health services. Education that don’t produce illiterate learners, but produces those that can compete with the best in the world.

They are demanding an end to infrastructure collapse, they are demanding for fairness in jobs. They are demanding that we open opportunities for all.

We cannot do this, if our focus is inward looking instead of externally. This is what the people of Gauteng demands of us.

My job is to continue uniting the DA, strengthening and supporting structures, encouraging creativity in vote winning political work. We have people that needs to be registered, and those who are registered but are not voting, all of them needs to get involved if we are to turn around the fortunes of South Africa and Gauteng in particular.

I am calling all of you to join me as we stabilise, revitalise and deliver services for all in Gauteng.

Leading the Gauteng government will require political acumen, management skills, communication skills, analytical skills and foresight to ensure success. It will also require partnerships. These partnerships include the DA, the DA Gauteng Caucus, our local government caucuses, Party structures, the civil service, civil society, potential coalition partners, the national government and its departments and other provincial governments.

Fellow Democrats, we are well on our way to winning Gauteng in 2024. Let’s stand together and stay focused on our goals!

The crucial challenge that lies ahead is to now implement our workable blueprint for government well in advance of the 2024 election, that will undo the ANC’s legacy in our province.

It should incorporate the key steps to be taken to immediately stabilise and revitalise the administration. The blueprint must be a project and implementation plan. As leader, I will implement the blueprint together with a transitional task team to express the DA’s manifesto in the Gauteng Government.

Let’s finish what we started. Let’s get the DA to save Gauteng in 2024. Let’s inject life back into South Africa, by making Gauteng prosper.

Let’s win Gauteng!

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