DA defeats ANC’s latest desperate attempt to hide cadre deployment records

Issued by Dr Leon Schreiber MP – DA Shadow Minister for Public Service and Administration
04 Sep 2023 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Dr Leon Schreiber MP.

The DA has won yet another historic battle in our ongoing lawfare campaign to abolish ANC cadre deployment corruption from the face of South Africa.

Today, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) dismissed the ANC’s desperate attempt to appeal the earlier ruling of the Johannesburg High Court, which held that the ANC must hand over complete records of its national cadre deployment committee to the DA within five days.

The SCA ruling reads that “having considered the Notice of Motion and the other documents filed, it is ordered that…The application for leave to appeal is dismissed with costs on the grounds that there are no reasonable prospects of success in an appeal and there is no other compelling reason why an appeal should be heard.”

With this ruling, the SCA has vindicated the DA’s long-held position that it is illegal for the ANC to hide the way in which it interferes in appointments to the public administration in government departments, municipalities and state-owned enterprises.

For over two decades, a small group of senior ANC figures have regularly met in smoke-filled backrooms at Luthuli House to corrupt appointment processes by ensuring that only “loyal cadres” of the ANC are appointed to positions of power in the public sector. As a result, skilled and meritorious applicants are sidelined, with positions reserved on the basis of loyalty to the ANC. This is why the DA has long held that cadre deployment is the root cause of state capture, lack of skills, and service delivery collapse in our country.

Secrecy has been instrumental in the ANC’s practice of cadre deployment corruption, because it makes it impossible for the South African people to see how appointment processes are corrupted.

But thanks to the DA, the secrecy that helps sustain ANC cadre deployment corruption is about to end.

Today’s ruling means that the ANC has five working days to hand over all of the records requested by the DA, including meeting minutes, CVs, email correspondence and Whatsapp conversations of the cadre deployment committee dating back to 1 January 2013, when President Cyril Ramaphosa became cadre deployment chairman in Jacob Zuma’s administration.

The DA is currently also awaiting a ruling in our second court application, where we have asked the Pretoria High Court to declare ANC cadre deployment unconstitutional and unlawful.

The combined effect of these two court cases will be to both pierce the veil of secrecy that shrouds cadre deployment, and to smash the foundations upon which it is built. Defeating cadre deployment ahead of the 2024 election is an essential part of the groundwork being laid by the DA to take over and fix the South African state after the coming national election.

The DA is waging this lawfare campaign against cadre deployment because we understand that abolishing this practice and replacing it with merit-based appointments to the public sector based purely on skill, is essential to our mission to rescue South Africa.

We ask that all citizens who want to replace the cadre corruption that causes crises like load shedding, water cuts and collapsing services with merit-based appointments of skilled officials who can fix our country, to unite behind the DA’s battle to abolish cadre deployment corruption once and for all.