Zondo remarks raise serious concerns about Office of State Attorney

Issued by Adv Glynnis Breytenbach MP – DA Shadow Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development
28 Sep 2023 in News

The DA has taken note of Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s recent remarks during his closing address at the Aspirant Women Judges program. Chief Justice Zondo’s experiences with the State Attorney’s office and the challenges he faced in defending his work are deeply concerning. It underscores the importance of a robust and independent legal system that is capable of upholding justice and the rule of law.

The Chief Justice’s call for self-reliance in pursuing justice is a valuable reminder that we should not solely depend on government institutions to ensure accountability and transparency. It is imperative that individuals and organisations take proactive steps to protect the integrity of our legal system.

The reported difficulties faced by Chief Justice Zondo in obtaining assistance from the State Attorney’s office raise important questions about its effectiveness and resource allocation. This, in turn, raises concerns about the possibility of capture or corruption within certain government institutions, including the Office of the State Attorney.

It is essential for us as a society to investigate and address any signs of corruption or capture within our institutions to uphold the principles of democracy and justice. The impartiality and integrity of our legal system must be preserved at all costs.

We commend the patriotic lawyers from the private sector who stepped forward to assist Chief Justice Zondo in his defense. Their dedication to justice is commendable and serves as a shining example of the power of civil society to safeguard our democratic values.

The DA calls on Justice Minister Ronald Lamola to ensure better resources and funding to ensure that efforts over 3 years and R1 billion it took to uncover state capture not be in vain, and urges all citizens to actively participate in safeguarding our democracy and legal system.

As the upcoming elections approach, it is crucial for citizens to exercise their right to vote and choose leaders who are committed to addressing the findings of the State Capture Commission and ensuring swift arrests and prosecutions where necessary. The state of the State Attorney’s office and the challenges faced by Chief Justice Zondo should serve as important considerations for voters.

The importance of transparency, accountability, and the rule of law in our democracy cannot be over-emphasised. We must remain vigilant in upholding these principles and work collectively to strengthen our institutions and protect the integrity of our legal system.

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