Coalition Stabilisation Bills: Second DA Bill published and set to come before Parliament

Issued by Siviwe Gwarube MP – Chief Whip of the Official Opposition
25 Oct 2023 in News

Note to editors: Please find the attached soundbite by Siviwe Gwarube MP

This week, another key milestone in the DA’s bid to stabilise coalition governments was achieved. We published a notice of intention to introduce our second coalition bill, being the Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Bill 2023, which will seek to:

  • limit the number of Motions of No Confidence (MONC) that can be brought in a 12-month period in a metro;
  • provide for circumstances where further MONCs can be brought within a 12-month period; and to
  • provide for the creation of an independent panel to determine the validity of these additional MONCs.

When we look at metros such as the City of Johannesburg, which has had a number of different mayors in the space of a couple of months, it is clear that this vicious circle cannot continue if we hope to provide proper service delivery to the people.

We need to ensure that a government that has been put in place is allowed time to properly implement its plans, processes and budgets in order to actually serve the people, and not their own pockets.

As we enter into a period of our democracy where no single party will have a majority of the vote, it is crucial that we safeguard ourselves against those who may be persuaded to leave stable coalitions to join others with the promise of payment or better MEC positions.

This Bill thus limits local governments to only one MONC per 12-month period. However, should an event of such a consequential nature occur, which would ordinarily warrant a MONC, the Bill provides for the creation of an independent panel which will determine whether the MONC is one brought on valid grounds. The validity of the MONC will be considered on one of three grounds:

  • Whether the person in office has violated the Constitution or the law;
  • Whether they have been found guilty of misconduct; or
  • Whether there is an inability to perform the duties of office.

This independent panel thus removes the political aspect of the MONC and looks at it with pure objectivity. If one of these three grounds are met, then the panel will recommend that the MONC be tabled for debate. Accordingly, any person or party who does not support this Bill, may have other hidden agendas or motives for wanting to be able to constantly bring MONCs in a metro to cause instability.

The DA calls on all persons interested to provide public comment on the Bill by submitting their comments to and to

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