DA applauds SCA’s decision to uphold interdict on R50 million Cuba donation

Issued by Willem Faber MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation
25 Oct 2023 in News

Note to editors: Please find attached soundbite in English and Afrikaans by Willem Faber MP

The DA applauds the Supreme Court of Appeal’s (SCA) decision to uphold the interdict on the R50 million donation to Cuba, in agreement with the principles of good governance and accountability. Ensuring transparent and responsible allocation of government funds, prioritising the needs of South African citizens, is paramount.

Deputy Minister Alvin Botes’ announcement last year in our Portfolio Committee that the South African government will donate R50 million to Cuba, triggered public outrage, leading AfriForum to take the matter to court. The interdict was necessary to halt the payment until a review application’s outcome.

Both the High Court in Pretoria and now the SCA have upheld the interdict, underscoring the futility of an appeal. This decision should serve as a lesson for the ANC Government on adhering to legal processes and utilising public funds for South Africa’s benefit.

The DA will vigilantly monitor the situation, holding the government accountable for its financial decisions. We call on the Department of International Relations and Cooperation to redirect funds intended for Cuba toward pressing domestic issues like healthcare, education, and job creation.

The DA remains unwavering in its commitment to promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in public fund spending. We will persist in advocating for the interests of all South Africans, ensuring the responsible use of their tax contributions.

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