Straight Talk: Do you want more dignity for more South Africans?

17 Nov 2023 in Straight Talk

Do you want to make South Africa a better country, with more jobs, better service delivery, and more human dignity? Do you think South Africa is currently on a downwards trajectory towards more crime and poverty? Do you think the national government is doing a bad job of running the country?

If your answer to these questions is yes, the most powerful thing you can do to bring the change you want to see is to register to vote DA in the 2024 national and provincial elections.

Consider StatsSA’s latest jobs numbers, that were released three days ago: Unemployment is down 4.3 percentage points in DA-run Western Cape since this time last year. Thanks to consistent service delivery that spurs confidence in the future which in turn leads people to invest in businesses, the unemployment rate has fallen from 24.5% to 20.2%.

This incredible drop in unemployment is due to the creation of 305 000 jobs during the year. The implications are obvious: more jobs equals more dignity and human wellbeing, less crime and suffering.

Also consider the recent census data, which shows that DA-run Cape Town has the highest proportion of households with in-house piped water (84.5% compared to a SA average of 59.7%) and flush toilets connected to sewerage (93.4% compared to a SA average of 70.8%).

This is what dignity is all about. The dignity of a job. The dignity of proper sanitation.

If you want more dignity for more South Africans, the easiest and more powerful thing you can do is to register to vote DA and get your friends and family to do the same.

This weekend is registration weekend, meaning you can register at your nearest voting station. Simply take your ID book or card any time between 8am and 5pm this Saturday or Sunday. Please double your impact by persuading and assisting one unregistered voter to register to vote DA.

Register to rescue South Africa. Register for dignity. Bring the change you want to see.

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