DA welcomes clear path for IEC to announce next registration weekend and election date

Issued by Werner Horn MP – DA National Spokesperson
04 Dec 2023 in News

Please find attached soundbites in English and Afrikaans by Werner Horn MP.

The DA acknowledges the dismissal by the Constitutional Court of the challenge to the Electoral Amendment Act. The Court’s ruling, affirming the rationality of the Act, paves the way for crucial announcements by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) regarding the upcoming registration weekend and election date.

After an exceptionally successful first registration weekend, the DA eagerly anticipates the second opportunity to register thousands more South Africans to vote for the DA in the upcoming elections next year. We commend the Constitutional Court for swiftly addressing the challenge, ensuring that the electoral process remains on track.

In light of the dismissal, the DA calls on the IEC to expedite the announcement of the next registration weekend. The IEC is also urged to conclude its consultations with the President on the election date to enable a formal announcement of this date. Time is of the essence, and a prompt declaration is essential for maintaining the momentum generated during the initial registration period.

Furthermore, we urge the IEC to actively facilitate voting for South Africans abroad and emphasise the importance of ensuring that the online voter registration portal for expatriates is fully functional. Enabling a smooth and accessible process for all eligible voters, including those residing outside the country, is fundamental to the democratic integrity of our electoral system.

As the Constitutional Court rulings on the Electoral Amendment Act have clarified legal uncertainties, the DA remains committed to promoting fair and transparent elections. We understand the significance of timely decisions, especially in light of the two cases that the IEC has argued could have serious repercussions for the elections if not promptly finalised.

We look forward to the forthcoming announcements from the IEC and remain optimistic about the democratic processes that will shape the upcoming elections.

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