Cricket scandal: DA writes to International Cricket Council over CSA’s bogus security threats

Issued by Veronica van Dyk MP – DA Shadow Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture
17 Jan 2024 in News

Note to editors: Please find attached soundbite by Veronica van Dyk MP

The stated reason for the removal of SA U19 captain, David Teeger, from his position ahead of the U19 World Cup was purported security concerns and associated risks. However, it is becoming clear that the real reason was as a result of Mr Teeger’s comments on his religious beliefs. This even after Teeger was cleared of any wrongdoing by an independent inquiry panel established by Cricket South Africa (CSA) themselves.

CSA asserted that “protests related to the war on Gaza can be anticipated at the venues.” The rationale behind relieving Mr. Teeger of his captaincy was explained as a precaution against “potential conflicts or violence, especially among rival groups of protestors”.

Consequently, the DA has written to the International Cricket Council (ICC) apprising them of the developments wherein CSA has removed a national captain due to “credible” security threats. The DA seeks clarification on whether CSA has informed the ICC about these threats, whether other member states are aware of them, and whether the tournament is deemed safe for hosting. Similar concerns have been expressed by a Senator in the Australian Parliament, resulting in an emerging international scandal. The DA urges CSA to publicly disclose to the ICC whether the tournament is secure.

The DA strongly contends that the proclaimed security threat is a mere smokescreen for what seems to be a political decision influenced by pressure from the ANC government. This stance aligns with the views of independent security analysis experts and State Security, who, presumably, would have identified any potential risks. If CSA has indeed misled the international community, the DA calls for a public apology to players, spectators, and participating countries for fearmongering under ANC pressure.

Should this be the case, the DA also calls on the ICC to investigate the political interference of the ANC government in international cricket, which is prohibited, and ensure that these types of political interference, never occur in cricket again, especially for young, developing future cricket stars.

The ICC, committed to a rich and diverse history, reinforces its stance against discrimination through its Anti-Discrimination Code and Policy for Members. The DA asserts that the ANC government’s actions against this young man contradict the principles of this code and our own Constitution.

In light of this international scandal, the DA reiterates its call for those implicated in CSA to resign from their positions immediately in the interest of honour and integrity.

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