DA’s merit-based candidate selection process enters its final phase

Issued by Helen Zille – Chairperson of the DA Federal Council
25 Jan 2024 in News

The Democratic Alliance’s rigorous and merit-based Candidate Selection process is entering its final phase. This is a process that has lasted more than 9 months and tested an in-depth array of skills and knowledge that any aspirant candidate would need to have to serve under the banner of the DA.

The DA is proud to have the most advanced and intensive candidate selection process to ensure that all our public representatives are fit-for-purpose and have the requisite qualities to serve communities across the length and breadth of the country.

There are a total of eleven comprehensive steps in the process, and the DA has now reached step 9.

Throughout the process, the DA once again has been impressed with the calibre and dedication of the aspirant candidates and we look forward to welcoming new and returning incumbent public representatives into the various roles they will fulfill for the party.

As with any political party, there will unfortunately be those who do not make the cut, some of whom may choose to turn their back on the party and seek accommodation elsewhere. Some may even choose to blame the party for not making the grade and this unfortunately is also a trend in our politics more generally, especially ahead of a general election.

The DA remains committed to providing the best possible candidates for the job in our quest to Rescue South Africa and provide all South Africans with a government that puts the interests of its citizens ahead of anything else.

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