Teeger: DA submits PAIA application for Cricket SA’s “risk assessment” report

Issued by Veronica van Dyk MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture
15 Jan 2024 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Veronica van Dyk MP.

In response to Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) decision to strip David Teeger of the captaincy of South Africa’s Under-19 cricket team, the DA is taking further steps to uncover the truth behind the alleged security threat. Recent media reports indicate a lack of tangible proof regarding any threats to the team, as senior officials responsible for securing cricket events and sources within the state security agency, police, and security experts have all confirmed the absence of substantial threats.

In light of this, the DA strongly believes that the proclaimed security threat is merely a smokescreen for what appears to be a political decision by CSA. To ascertain the validity of this claim, the DA today submitted a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application to obtain the “risk assessment” report mentioned by Cricket SA. This report is crucial to understanding the basis on which CSA made its decision to strip Teeger of the captaincy.

Through this PAIA request, the DA demands transparency from CSA. The association must divulge who their security analysts and experts are, the basis on which the decision was made, and specifics regarding the threats received that led to the decision. The party insists on full disclosure to the DA and the public to ensure accountability and clarity surrounding CSA’s decision-making process.

The DA challenges Cricket SA to reverse this decision by Friday, 19 January, failing which the party will escalate the matter to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). The DA insists that CSA should prioritise the rule of law, protect the players’ rights to free expression, belief, conscience, and religion, and not succumb to threats or intimidation.

The party warns that allowing such a precedent to stand could lead to future unjust decisions based on arbitrary criteria. The DA remains committed to defending the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights and will take all necessary actions to ensure justice and fairness prevail in South African sports.

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