Bheki Cele’s press conference on AKA murder an insult to thousands of families whose murders go unsolved

Issued by Okkie Terblanche MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Police
28 Feb 2024 in News

The Democratic Alliance acknowledges the recent arrests made in connection with the murders of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Tebello ‘Tibs’ Motsoane in February of last year. While these high-profile cases have rightfully captured public attention, Police Minister Bheki Cele took the opportunity to score cheap political points by holding a press conference to show South Africa that SAPS is doing its job it is supposed to be doing.

Minister Cele, over his disastrous term as Minister of Police, has often chosen to focus on publicity events that will garner him support, rather than fulfil his Constitutional duty of overseeing effective policing in this country.

It is an embarrassment that the Minister celebrates the arrests of persons that have taken over a year to conclude, and we trust that the chain of custody of the docket will successfully make its way to the NPA and obtain subsequent convictions against all those involved. Whilst the arrests are welcomed, these professional hitmen have been out on the streets for over a year, with how many other hits having potentially taken place.

While Cele takes the opportunity to parade in front of the cameras for a case over a year old, he neglects to tell us of the 27 494 murders that occurred last year, the 25 181 murders the year before, or the 19 972 murders before that, and how these criminals have been brought to book.

It is incumbent upon us as a society to ensure that our justice system is equitable and responsive to the needs of all victims, regardless of their status or public prominence.

The loss of life due to violence is always a profound tragedy, and every victim deserves equal treatment under the law however, it should never be that mediocrity is celebrated or accepted.