DA Manifesto Launch: We Are Ready!

Issued by Dr Ivan Meyer – DA Federal Chairperson
16 Feb 2024 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Dr Ivan Meyer.

The Democratic Alliance wishes to highlight various facets of our historic Manifesto Launch that is taking place in Tshwane tomorrow, underscoring its historical importance and the transformative potential it holds for South Africa.

We are delighted to share details regarding the extensive mobilisation for tomorrow’s launch.

This occasion transcends the boundaries of a mere event; it marks a movement of significant proportions, with the largest mobilisation effort in the history of the DA. Tens of thousands of DA supporters from every corner of South Africa will participate in the march from Church Square to the Union Buildings, showcasing an unprecedented level of enthusiasm.

Notably, this broad-based support extends beyond our traditional strongholds, reflecting a groundswell of commitment from all regions of our nation. The massive turnout is indicative of the fervour among our supporters and ordinary South Africans to rally behind the DA. Anticipation is high for the most extensive march ever witnessed, with hundreds of buses converging from across the country, notably Gauteng.

Months of diligent effort have culminated in what will be the most significant stage ever for the DA. From captivating displays to engaging performances, we are poised to showcase a united, strong, dynamic, successful, and diverse party.

This preparation extends beyond logistics; it is about curating an experience that mirrors the values and vision of the DA. The event serves as an opportunity for unity, embodying our collective commitment to rescuing South Africa.

The day will commence with tens of thousands of DA supporters congregating on Church Square, where a vibrant stage with entertainment will set the tone. At precisely 10 am, the march to the Union Buildings will commence, adhering to punctuality with no delays.

Madiba Street in Tshwane will be adorned in blue, symbolising the unity and strength of our movement. The program at the Union Buildings begins at 11 1m, featuring entertaining performances, with the highlight being the address by our Federal Leader, John Steenhuisen.

This is not merely a political gathering; it is a historic moment, a call for change, and a declaration of intent to rescue South Africa.

The DA’s Manifesto transcends mere promises; it is a meticulously researched, data-driven plan addressing the current crises facing our nation. From tackling wasteful spending to addressing the electricity crisis, investing in education, and fostering economic growth, our manifesto outlines practical solutions.

This march to the Union Buildings holds symbolic importance, signifying our determination to usher in a new era of governance, bidding farewell to stagnation. The DA is poised to lead, prioritising the welfare of the people.

The DA now calls on the President to urgently announce the election date. We believe the ANC has an unfair advantage in this regard, and it is time that all other parties and all South Africans know when the election will take place.

Visit https://rescuesa.org.za for more information.