Election Day on 29 May: Bring It On

Issued by John Steenhuisen MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
20 Feb 2024 in News

Today President Cyril Ramaphosa officially announced the upcoming general election scheduled for May 29. The DA welcomes this crucial announcement as a countdown to a historic moment where South Africa has the opportunity to rescue itself from 30 years of ANC failure, corruption, and state capture.

This election is a turning point for South Africa, and it comes at a time when our nation needs it the most in three decades. The DA is fully prepared for the challenge ahead, and we are all-systems-go for the May 29 date. The DA is ready to fight this election, so South African can win.

The DA has meticulously prepared for this historic election, with support levels currently at their highest ever. Our army of election volunteers, activists, and supporters are poised to build upon months of hard work across every town and city in South Africa.

Our manifesto, launched and made public, is being received favourably across the country. It reflects the aspirations and hopes of the people, offering a clear alternative to the decades of ANC mismanagement. Our election goals are not just ambitious but achievable, and we intend to be at the core of a new government for South Africa.

The DA is committed to bringing an end to 30 years of ANC failure, corruption, and state capture. The upcoming election is an opportunity for the people of South Africa to choose a path of progress, transparency, and accountability.

As the May 29 date approaches, the DA calls on all South Africans to join us in this historic moment and be a part of the effort to rescue our country.