DA steps in Mangaung to roll back illegal land grabs successfully

08 Mar 2024 in News

by Dr Roy Jankielsohn MPL – DA Free State Premier Candidate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Free State welcomes the current actions to remove illegal land grabbers in Lourier Park, following our application in the Free State High Court to enforce the court order obtained last Saturday.

Given that this application has forced the Metro to involve the Red Ants to start evicting the unlawful occupiers in terms of the court order which was previously obtained the following was agreed upon and is reflected in today’s order:

  • The respondents shall have the opportunity to file opposing papers within 15 days from the date of the order.
  • The applicants will file a reply within 10 days after receipt of the opposing papers.
  • Other interested parties, which are not yet a party to the matter, may apply to join.
  • The Mangaung Metro and Sheriff undertake to bi-weekly, on the second Friday of each succeeding week following the order, report to the DA on the progress made and steps taken to implement the court orders and the process and progress made with any legal steps it intends taking against unlawful occupiers of the property in question.

While the matter is not yet resolved, affected property owners and residents can stand assured that the DA will use the court-ordered oversight of the process to ensure that their rights and the law are upheld.

The ANC government continues to prove that it does not have the capacity or willingness to provide basic services such as ensuring land, housing and title deeds to residents. The ANC is solely to blame for the suffering of those who moved to the area, possibly even on the advice of the ANC.

DA Ward 18 councillor, Dave McKay continues to monitor the situation in the area and we call for the law and the judicial system to be given the necessary space needed to rectify the situation.

Free State residents must not allow the anarchy displayed during these land grabs to become standard. We must vote for the DA who has a track record for upholding the rule of law, fairness and the ability to deliver effective human settlements to deserving residents in a fair and structured manner.