Democracy Prevails: Victory for uMngeni as Demarcation Board abandons split proposal

Issued by Greg Krumbock MP – Mooi-uMngeni Constituency Head
05 Mar 2024 in News

The DA welcomes a significant victory for democracy and community engagement as the Municipal Demarcation Board decided against splitting the Dargle and Fort Nottingham areas from the uMngeni local municipality.

The proposal, which aimed to transfer these areas into the jurisdiction of the Impendle municipality, faced widespread objections from the public, with hundreds of objections filed. The uMngeni Council also took a firm stand against the split, expressing concerns about the potential disruption to service delivery, community development projects, and the dilution of cultural and administrative ties.

The DA is pleased to announce that the Municipal Demarcation Board has chosen not to interfere with the success of the uMngeni Local Municipality, respecting the voices and objections raised by our community.

This victory underscores the strength of our community and the effectiveness of democratic processes. The DA expresses its deep gratitude to every resident who actively participated in voicing their concerns, highlighting the formidable strength demonstrated collectively.

The decision not to proceed with the split is a clear sign that the DA is on the right track when it comes to service delivery. uMngeni stands as a beacon of light and hope amidst the challenges faced by areas under ANC rule.

As South Africa approaches a crucial election, this victory reinforces the DA’s commitment to effective governance and community well-being. The DA difference is evident in uMngeni, sending a message to disillusioned South Africans who have endured decades of ANC rule.

This success is not just local but resonates on a national scale, emphasising the importance of citizen engagement in shaping the future of municipalities.