DA welcomes the arrest of North West Parks Board official for theft of 51 Rhino horn

Issued by Dave Bryant MP – DA Shadow Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment
09 May 2024 in News

The DA welcomes the arrest of a North West Parks Board official for his alleged involvement in the theft of 51 Rhino Horn from parks board vault last year.

The DA was the first to raise this matter publicly when the theft took place in June 2023, and successfully requested that the MEC, the North West Parks Board, SAPS and the Hawks appear before the committee of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment on two occasions. Had it not been for the publicity and the pressure exerted by the DA, this case would never have been given the same high level of priority and attention as it has duly received. The DA’s efforts have been vindicated and we commend the Hawks for their hard work leading up to this arrest.

The North West Parks Board has become a shell of its former self under the disastrous and incompetent ANC North West Provincial Government. The board still appears to be under administration, years after it was supposed to have merged with the North West Tourism Board. This means that there is no real oversight or vision for any of the parks managed by the ANC in the North West.

The ANC has shown yet again, that where they govern they are unable to manage or maintain the entities under their control to a high standard. It is unforgivable that this heinous crime was able to take place directly under the noses of the ANC in the North West.

The only way to prevent further destruction of our precious natural environment and defeat the criminal syndicates controlling poaching is to vote the ANC out of government on the 29th May by voting for the DA.