To every South African who came out to vote for the DA today: Thank you​

Issued by John Steenhuisen MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
30 May 2024 in News

Today was an important day for our democracy as millions of South Africans turned out to exercise their right to vote. As the polls close at 9pm, we acknowledge the thousands of voters still standing in long queues, some of whom have been waiting for many hours without yet being able to cast their ballots. We are deeply concerned about the frustrations caused by issues relating to voter management devices, ballot paper shortages, long queues and other issues with the IEC’s systems.

The DA sincerely thanks each and every one of our supporters who came out to vote today. Your commitment and dedication to our cause is profoundly appreciated. We are heartened that so many voters did not give up.

However, we must address the significant issues that have failed the electorate today. The Voter Management Device (VMD) used by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has unfortunately led to widespread delays and long queues at numerous voting stations. This situation has caused great inconvenience and, regrettably, resulted in many people leaving polling stations without having voted. The DA, in multiple meetings, have raised concerns about these devices and were brushed aside.

Furthermore, during an 11:00 meeting with the IEC today, political parties, including the DA, raised serious concerns about the deployment and failure of the VMD. These technical glitches were most unfortunate and have particularly affected voting stations in the metros, exacerbating the delays and challenges faced by voters.

The DA urges ALL voters who are still in a queue at 21h00 to please remain in a queue and vote.

To every resident who came out to vote for the DA today, we are deeply grateful for your support. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that your voice is heard and that our democracy remains strong and vibrant.