DA welcomes Home Affairs’ visa relief

Issued by Werner Horn MP – DA Spokesperson
04 Jul 2024 in News

The DA commends the Department of Home Affairs’ (DHA) decision to extend temporary visa concession for foreign nationals in South Africa who are still awaiting the outcome of their visa, waiver and appeal applications due to processing delays.

We are encouraged by the newly appointed Minister of DHA, Dr Leon Schreiber’s first official act which will provide time for the Department to significantly reduce the backlog of over 145,000 visas acquired during the previous administration. The Minister’s undertaking will bring certainty and quell the burden for foreign nationals awaiting the outcome of their visa, waiver and appeal applications, by extending the temporary visa concession to 31 December 2024.  

The delays at the Department have reached a crisis point, creating confusion and frustration among tourists, and creating a feeding ground for corruption to thrive. The DA has consistently over many years advocated for the DHA to implement fair and efficient processes and move out of the dark ages.

We are confident that in this period, the DHA, under the leadership of Dr Schreiber will implement relief plans to shrink the backlog at the department but also bolster our struggling economy with the attraction of skilled foreign nationals, investments, tourism and job creation in the long-term.