Too many South Africans live without the dignity of having a job but the DA has a plan.

Voices of Unemployment

For too many people, the political freedom achieved in 1994 has not been matched with economic freedom. One out of every four South Africans does not have a job.

These are some of their stories.

  • Nina VS

    Lost my apartment. Struggling with health issues related to financial stress. Can barely make ends meet. UIF payments end in February… Feeling desperate!

    Bachelor's | Unemployed for 7 months
  • Nthaniseng Primrose Lethobo, 23

    I only need to work so that I can make a future for my children. I’m always sleeping, it’s the only thing I do every day, or eating.

    Grade 11 | Unemployed for 2 years
  • Chris Anderson, 32

    I had to move in with my gran. I am 32, with an honors degree in psychology from UCT and 5 years managerial experience but i can’t get a job.

    Honor's |Unemployed for 2.5 years
  • Lionel Onkruid, 54

    A job will bring back my dignity.

    Diploma | Unemployed for 5 years
  • Themba Goodrich Lukhoto, 29

    Unemployment has affected me more than if I was in prison.

    Grade 9 | Unemployed for 10 years
  • Bonginkosi Tasi Mjuwarvazi

    With a job I would buy a house for my boy and take my drivers license.

    Grade 11 | Unemployed for 5 years
  • Patience Bonalo, 29

    There is no money for electricity and to pay bills. No money for transport to take my children to school.

    Grade 12 | Unemployed for 2 years
  • Benedict Sele, 30

    I have lost all hope in finding a job. I struggle to buy even basic things and I still live with my parents. I fear that I’ll get old without a job.

    Matric | Unemployed for 11 years
  • Tshimangadzo Nemakanga, 33

    It makes me feel like I’m nothing to this country, because I can’t even support my family and I’m always sick of not having a job.

    Trade Certificate | Unemployed for 6 years
  • Keneuoe Tsekoa

    First, I want to have an ID because if u don’t have an ID, you don’t have a job. Sometimes I sleep with an empty stomach. I used to wash some other clothes just to have food.

    Primary School | Unemployed for 10 years
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More people jobless under Zuma’s ANC and counting…

The DA has the solutions that can improve the lives of all South Africans affected by unemployment, but UNDER ZUMA’S ANC THE SITUATION IS GETTING EVEN WORSE.

This is why on 27 January we will march for job creation, take your story to President Zuma at Parliament, and make the voice of the unemployed heard.

On that day, we will make a call to all South Africans to VOTE DA FOR CHANGE THAT CREATES JOBS.

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Click here to read about the DA’s 5-Point Jobs Plan in more detail.

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