The DA contract with the people of South Africa

We, the leadership of the Democratic Alliance, hereby enter into a contract with the people of South Africa.

Since Mandela left government, South Africans have been given empty promises in every single election. At the same time, the DA has shown that where we govern, we bring real change, produce good jobs and deliver reliable services. Now, we are asking every South African for ONE chance to deliver in provincial and national government.


By signing this contract with you, the voter, the Democratic Alliance commits to running accountable governments that South Africans can rely on. We commit to using these governments to:

  • Build a growing economy that stimulates job creation with the goal of creating a job in every home;
  • Secure our borders, ensuring that immigrants invest and create jobs;
  • Remove corruption and state capture from government and society;
  • Create a professional and honest police force that protects us; and
  • Speed up the delivery of quality services, housing, healthcare and education.


If you find, after five years, that we are not bringing the positive change we commit to in this contract, then we ask you to vote us out.


We hereby contract a partnership between the leadership of the Democratic Alliance, and the voters of South Africa. As we seek your mandate to deliver positive change in South Africa, we hereby pledge our names to this contract with South Africa: