Let’s bring land reform that makes people landowners, not life-long tenants!

What we believe

  • We want South Africans to own their land and property.
  • We are against the ANC and EFF’s plan to change the Constitution to allow government to expropriate land without compensation. This would make government the owner of all property and land, and citizens would have to rent their homes and land from government for life.
  • South Africa suffers from a history of black people being denied land ownership.
  • We do not need to change the Constitution to address this, we need government action.
  • Under our plan, we will return land to the people through the biggest land redistribution in South African history. We will put the people first.

Land reform works best in the DA-led Western Cape

Our plan for land reform under a DA national government

  • We will prioritise land reform in the budget and cut back on unnecessary spending.
  • Communal land will be given to those living on it, and suitable government-owned land that isn’t used will be divided.
  • Title deeds will be given to urban housing beneficiaries so that they can pass their homes on to their children.
  • Farmworkers can own shares in the farms they work on through voluntary incentivised partnerships.
  • Those landowners who want to farm will receive the support they need to be successful, by passing on skills and sharing the resources and markets they need to sell their goods.