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Saldanha Bay

Saldanha Bay Local Municipality’s vision is to “serve, grow and succeed together”. The Municipality featured in the top ten of Good Governance Africa’s 2016 Government Performance Index for best-run South African local governments and will keep trying to deliver quality services to all residents.

Saldanha Bay's Success Stories

DA-led Saldanha’s Driving Licence and Motor Registration



every second week in 2017

DA-led Saldanha Bay got a


for excellent spending of public funds in the 2015/16 financial year

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Committee Running Saldanha Bay Municipality

Marius Koen

Executive Mayor Marius Koen has been a member of the DA since 2000. He was originally a member of the DP on the West Coast. Marius first got into politics as a businessman, working in retail and property. He is passionate about community and social upliftment so it didn’t take long before he became the…

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News from Saldanha Bay

Saldahna Bay hands over new homes

The first 40 houses forming part of a project that will see 136 houses built in Paternoster in the Saldanha Bay municipality have been handed over to the delighted residents after a delay of two years. The project ground to a halt in 2015 following insistence from the National department of human settlements that the…

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Clean Audit Awards

The DA Saldanha Bay municipality recently joined the growing number of DA municipalities to be rewarded for obtaining multiple Clean Audit Status reports. At the Audit Excellence Awards ceremony held on 10 April 2017, the Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu awarded Saldanha Bay Municipality with a clean audit for the 2015/16 financial year.

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Youth Council

The Saldanha Bay Municipality has launched a project to focus attention on the needs and aspirations of the youth in the area. The first project will be the launch of a Youth Council which will focus on residents under the age of 18 who are leaders in the High Schools in the region. Mayor Marius…

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