Real hope. Real change. Now.

Welcome to the Democratic Alliance’s Federal Congress!

An historic online congress

Over 200 days into South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve had to reinvent how large-scale elective conferences take place and innovate like never experienced before, to ensure that:

  • the DA’s democratic process goes on,
  • that our internal democracy works, and
  • that Congress delegates can cast their votes for the leaders that will take the Party forward for the next three years.

This year, there will be almost 2000 delegates, who are attending from their homes or from selected DA venues nationwide.

It will be South Africa’s largest ever virtual political conference!

Real hope. Real change. Now.

This congress, our message to South Africa is Real hope. Real change. Now.

Real Hope is a reflection on our extensive track-record of fighting for what matters, for the rule of law, for fairness in South Africa, for open opportunities for all, and our commitment to keep up this fight every day, while delivering the best governance in South Africa where we govern.

Real Change is our commitment to always do everything we can to deliver on our promises, to make urgent progress where we govern and to turn around every town, city and province where voters elect us; and as we build a new majority to govern South Africa it is our promise to rescue our country from the clutches of corruption.

The word “now” represents the enormous urgency of our mission and our work. As South Africa hurtles toward economic and social crisis under current failed governance, there is no time more important than right now to reassert the role of the DA in fighting for a better South Africa. We see the word “now” as a binding contract with the people of South Africa – there is no time to waste and the DA is hard at work right now, and every day.

Watch Day 1

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Resolutions passed at Federal Congress 2020
  • Protect and expand secure private property rights to ensure sustainable land reform
  • Job opportunities available within the Tourism sector
  • Promote and defend access to mother tongue education
  • Cut the public sector wage bill to help stabilise public finances
  • Embrace federalism by devolving substantial powers to well-run local and provincial governments
  • Becoming the party of fiscal discipline
  • Outlaw cadre deployment to build a better government
  • Deregulate the labour market and collective bargaining to create jobs
  • ICT
  • Crime
  • Child malnutrition
  • Provide tax relief to citizens and reduce government spending
  • Ending childhood stunting
  • End farm attacks and murders
  • Protect our streets
  • Prevention and combatting of hate crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Commitments to make Conversion Therapy for LGBTIQ+ youth illegal in the Republic of South Africa
  • Sustainable development: waste management
  • Water management
  • Securing the Energy Future of South African Citizens and Addressing the Climate Crisis

Resolutions deferred to and passed at Federal Council

  • The need for foreign/international policy
  • Fireworks
  • Saluting the courage of DA members for tirelessly serving their communities
  • Saluting the DA-run Western Cape for saving lives and livelihoods during a pandemic