A Strong DA to Build a Better Future

Welcome to the Democratic Alliance’s 2023 Federal Congress!

1 and 2 April 2023 | Gallagher Estate, Gauteng, South Africa

Thousands of DA delegates will convene to elect our leadership and make resolutions to help chart a way forward for South Africa.

The theme for our elective Federal Congress 2023 – A Strong DA to Build a Better Future – is a statement of intent for South Africa and our offer to the people of South Africa.

The theme embodies a DA working hard to build a new majority for South Africa that will free our country from the clutches of bad governance, corruption, rolling blackouts, the cost of living crisis and a high crime rate.

In everything the DA does, we work toward a better future for our country.

South Africa cannot prosper under the current national government which is committed to ongoing capture of the state, ingrained corruption, broken promises and weak leadership. Only a strong DA can build a better future in South Africa.

The successful candidates – chosen by a democratic, internal election – will be announced on Sunday, 2 April 2023.

Follow the proceedings live on the DA’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Encourage your community to stream our Congress broadcasts

LIVE | DA Congress 2023: Opening Ceremony
Saturday, 1 April at 08h30

🔴 | Watch the opening ceremony of the DA’s 2023 Federal Congress – the DA’s biggest-ever congress where thousands of DA delegates will convene to elect party leadership and make resolutions to help chart a way forward for South Africa. Fantastic live performances from some incredible local artists as well as speeches from DA leaders and public representatives. Tune in to hear about what to expect from congress weekend.

LIVE | DA Congress 2023: Candidate Speeches
Saturday, 1 April at 13h30

🔴 | Who will lead the DA going into the 2024 elections? Live stream the candidate speeches delivered by everyone running for DA leader. Join us as we reflect on Day 1 of the 2023 Federal Congress in the build-up to the election results and policy resolutions that will be announced tomorrow.

LIVE | DA Congress 2023: John Steenhuisen’s Address
Sunday, 2 April at 09h30

🔴 | Watch DA Leader John Steenhuisen’s address to 2023 DA Federal Congress delegates who are meeting to deliberate over the solutions to tackle the issues that affect South Africans. We also chat to leaders in DA governments from across the country, notably, Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde; Mayor of the City of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis; and Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Retief Odendaal.

LIVE | DA Congress 2023: Leadership Election Results!
Sunday, 2 April at 13h30

🔴 | The results are in! Watch the 2023 Federal Congress leadership election results and hear the address by the duly elected federal leader. As we turn our attention to the 2024 national and provincial elections, get involved because only a strong DA will build a better future for South Africa!

Congress times

Saturday, 1st April 2023

From 06h00:
Registration will open.
Delegates are kindly requested to arrive by no later than 07h30.

Registration closes.
All delegates must please be seated by 08h45 at the latest.

Presiding officers calculate and declare quorum.

Congress officially opens.

Congress adjourns for the day.

Sunday, 2nd April 2023

From 06h00:
Voting for leadership opens.
Registration opens.
Delegates are kindly requested to arrive by no later than 07h00.

Registration closes.
All delegates must please be seated by 07h45 at the latest.

Congress officially opens.

Voting closes.

Congress adjourns.

Resolutions passed at Federal Congress 2023

  • The DA Condemns the Illegal Invasion and Occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation
  • Protecting the Independence of the Reserve Bank
  • Regulation of Corporate Greenwashing
  • Working Together to Improve Animal Welfare
  • LOTTO Funding Must Include Animal Welfare
  • Incorporation of Climate Risk into South Africa’s National Security Threat Matrix.
  • Establishment of a South African Civil Protection Mechanism to Mitigate the Impact of Disasters (the Thunderbirds).
  • Establishment of a South African Coast Guard
  • Proposal for Provincial Veterinary Legislation in terms of Schedule 5 of the Constitution of RSA.
  • Government Must Make Available Attenuated Strains to South African Private Entities with Resources to Make Needed Livestock Vaccines
  • Farm Murders in SA: DA Requesting a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Farm Murders.
  • A Commitment to Implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Framework for Redress.
  • The Devolution of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA).
  • Restoration of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Youth Through Legislated Youth Parliament Frameworks
  • Sensitisation Training for Democratic Alliance Public Representatives
  • Coalition Agreements
  • Declaration for a Peaceful Political Transition in SA after the NPE2024.
  • Deconstructing Racial Classification

Resolutions passed at Federal Council 2023

  • Youth Capacity Building
  • Declaring 2023/2024 as “The Year of the Youth”.
  • Automate and Digitise the Membership System
  • Digitise Membership Auditing
  • Reengineer the Party’s Marketing Strategies
  • A Metro Councilor Must Have a Car
  • Agriculture as a Policy
  • National Year of Service: Youth Climate Action Learnership.
  • An End to the Captive Predator Breeding, Captive “Canned Lion” Hunts and Lion Bone Export
  • Banning of Performing Wild Animals in Circuses
  • Full Funding of the NSPCA by the National Government.
  • Support for Sustainable Hunting in South Africa
  • Legislation Needed to Regulate Cryptocurrency
  • The Loan Sharks of South Africa and the Need to Regulate the Illegal Informal and Micro-Lending
  • Optimum Mine – Corruption.