Let’s defeat Day Zero in NMB!

Day Zero is looming and is set to hit 40% of the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay. This will impact about 109 suburbs.

Under the inept ANC-led coalition government it became clear that they were not equipped to deal with the water crisis. Due to a lack of planning and inability to govern, their only solution was to hastily construct communal taps at water collection points.

We will do all we can to assist residents during this unprecedented drought, drawing from the best practice that our governments have already shown in drought disaster management.

The DA will never stop fighting for you.

The municipality must pull out all the stops to expedite the repair of water leaks and residents must do all they can to reduce water consumption. Only by working together can we avoid this humanitarian crisis.

The DA will do all it can to assist residents during this unprecedented drought, drawing from the best practice that our governments have already shown in drought disaster management.  – John Steenhuisen, DA Leader

Frequently asked questions

  • Water leaks
  • Which areas are supplied by the main supply dams and what is the impact of these dams running dry?

Fighting for You

Water-saving tips

If every person plays their part in reducing their consumption, repairing leaks on their own properties, and reporting leaks and water abusers to the municipality, we can significantly reduce our water consumption. We are currently consuming 256 megalitres of water per day, 26 megalitres more than the allowed 230 megalitres. Each person should only use 50 litres per day.

The 50-litre challenge

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A timeline of DA water intervention

  • 2021: While in government
  • 2022: In Opposition


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