Keep eThekwini together!

Stop the ANC’s attempt at moving Tongaat wards 58, 61, 62 and King Shaka Airport to Illembe and Ndwedwe.


The reallocation of these wards would cause irreparable damage that would affect communities, wards and economic zones. It would disrupt investments, current and future projects, and the financial standing of the affected municipalities.

Join our fight to stop the implementation of this proposal to distort our communities. Download the objection form here.

Fill out the objection form using the suggested reasons below, but please use your own words to avoid your objection being rejected.

Reasons to object:

  1. The proposal to move 58 and 62 to KwaDukuza and ward 61 to Ndewedwe means that the town of Tongaat will be in two different local authorities. This would mean that residents of Plane Street will be serviced by two different municipalities. Those in the south led by Ndewedwe and those in the north by Ilembe KwaDukuza.
  2. A complete overhaul of staff and operations would be necessary, causing a legislative and administrative nightmare.
  3. Rebranding would cost millions that could be better used towards service delivery.
  4. Social and economic projects that have already been implemented, and those at proposal level, would come to an abrupt halt as the receiving municipalities do not have the necessary human and financial resources to continue with eThekwini Municipality projects.
  5. Ilembe’s local authority does not have the financial, technical and human resources to manage and deliver to the levels presently enjoyed in Umdloti.
  6. Considering that the KwaDukuza local municipality is more rural than eThekwini, the rate base would be significantly smaller than eThekwini, resulting in service delivery inefficiencies.

Download the objection form now. Send the form to and copy