The DA has lost faith in De Lille

The true test of any political party is what it does when confronted with serious allegations of maladministration and governance failures. We take allegations such as these very seriously, and will always act to confront such matters.

In October last year, serious allegations relating to questions of good governance and maladministration against Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille, came to light. To ensure that these serious allegations were thoroughly examined and tested, two separate investigations were instituted.

Frustrating the process at every step, De Lille failed to answer a number of questions, most of which require a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and she tried to confuse the public by deflecting the answers:

  • Did she send the SMS to Councilor Xanthea Limberg asking that the then City Manager be scored higher because “she wants to keep him”? Yes or no?
  • Did she unduly influence the appointment of Limia Essop because she has a personal relationship with her? Yes or no?
  • Why did she refuse to cooperate with the on-going Bowman Gilfillan investigation which seeks to investigate these issues in the City, and which she loudly professed earlier this year she would easily refute?
  • Why did she publicly attack and seek to intimidate the two whistle-blowers in the City, including the City’s most senior black South African manager, when the claims they made have been vindicated by numerous processes?
  • Why did she seek to protect and shield the now suspended senior official, Melissa Whitehead?

Having followed due process in addressing the disciplinary matter between Ms De Lille and the Party, the Federal Executive, on 8 May 2018, confirmed the cessation of Patricia de Lille’s membership of the DA.

Update: This membership cessation is currently the subject of an ongoing court challenge. To date, the court has only dealt with technical and procedural matters and has not expressed itself on the substantive merits of the matter.

  • What was the evidence before the disciplinary? What has she done wrong?
  • Why cessation and not a disciplinary?
  • Doesn’t that mean she hasn’t actually been found guilty?
  • What next? Who will be mayor?
  • What have the investigations into de Lille’s misconduct found?
  • Why was the DA not open about this matter?
  • Wasn’t the City of Cape Town working? Couldn’t she be retained?
  • Why has this all taken so long?
  • What if she goes to court now?
  • What wrong doing did the Auditor General find?
  • But she’s taking the Steenhuisen report on review – doesn’t that mean it’s flawed?