DA led team doing all it can to prevent power cuts

23 Oct 2017 in Where We Govern

The DA led Modimolle-Mookgophong municipality would like to mind all our residents of the impending power cuts scheduled to begin on the 6th of December 2017. The Mayor and her team are fully aware of the impact that the proposed power cuts will have on the lives of residents as well as the business community.

We fully appreciate that departments and organisations providing crucial services to our residents will have to have alternative measures in place. These service providers include hospitals, clinics, government departments and municipal departments.

The Municipality is also all too aware that these cuts are scheduled to start at arguable the busiest time for businesses in the area and that the impact will be felt throughout our communities.

The residents will also bear the brunt of the power cuts and will have to ensure periods without power. This will impact on a host of important daily functions like cooking, cleaning and access to electronic information and services.


The Mayor and her team would like to reassure all residents that they are doing everything within their power to resolve the pending power cuts by Eskom and will not rest until even avenue has been explored.

The Mayor would like to reiterate that finding a sustainable solution to averting the proposed power cuts remains a top priority for the municipality and calls on all residents to remain patient in what are understandably concerning times.

We have seen varying levels of violent protest action in other municipalities where power has already been cut and we implore residents not to resort to violence or the destruction of property as this is counter productive and does not help resolve the issue.

The Modimolle-Mookgophong municipality remains committed to ensuring that residents are kept informed and up to date on all developments and will continue to communicate all relevant information as and when it becomes available.