Mayor Dan Plato donates educational equipment to Educare Centres

19 Jul 2021 in Where We Govern

As part of Mandela Day activities, Executive Mayor Dan Plato this past week delivered learning and recreational items to EduCare Centres in various parts of the City.

The Mayor’s office donated to 19 ECD Centres, which were selected by the respective ward councillors.

‘The foundation phase of a child’s education is so important to their development and these EduCare centres are doing great work to not only look after children while their parents are at work, but also help them be active and prepare them for the start of their school life. The little ones learn coordination skills, reading, drawing and basic maths at these facilities and we hope this donation assists with those tasks. The donation is intended to assist centres who need the extra resources and I am pleased that we could offer our assistance in a small way to help these young minds develop and grow,’ said Executive Mayor Dan Plato.

Items donated to these centres included equipment such as yoga mats, soccer balls, skipping ropes and hula hoops. Stationery and art items included paint sets, crayons, clay, books and building blocks.