Electricity loss reduction

29 Apr 2022 in Where We Govern
The mayor and senior officials have concluded a series of public engagements raising awareness about the challenges that the muncipality faces including electricity theft and the need to assist poor and vulnerable households.

We appreciate all the attendance and feedback.

As a responsive, caring and socially responsible Municipality we uMngeni muncipality will:

  • increase the free basic units of electricity from 50 units to 150 units
  • increase the qualifying household income from R3500 per month to R5000 per month
  • Collect the refuse of indigent households free of charge
  • Decrease the meter conversion charge from around R9000 to around R3600 as well as to subsidize the conversion of indigent households.
  • Allocate R1.2 million towards purchasing black refuse backs for indigent households.
In ordering to qualify for free basic services as mentioned above residents will need to register with the muncipality to be part of the indigent register. Households will be audited to ensure that they do in fact qualify as vulnerable or earn an income less than R5000 per month.

We have also taken a decision to suspend electricity disconnections for a period of 60 days. This is to allow people to register for free basic services, to rectify faulty meters and to begin changing meters to prepaids.

Municipal officials will travel around the municpality to assist qualifying people to register on our indigent database as well as to resolve outstanding debts or technical queries.

The uMngeni Municipality is committed to partnering with communities in order to solve our collective challenges and see real progress.