Law enforcers making headway in arresting cable thieves

29 Apr 2022 in Where We Govern

The net is closing in on electrical cable thieves as law enforcers are tightening their grip in arresting criminals on their tracks.

On Tuesday, 26 April, 2022, a team of law enforcers pounced on four male suspects who were caught inside a dug trench at Mayfield Extension 14, near Daveyton, stealing the City’s 11 Kv cable that supplies power to the area. The damage already done to the cable had already plunged the entire area into total darkness when the thieve were arrested.

The City’s thus reiterates its stern warning to the criminals who continuously vandalize the City’s electrical infrastructure that they will be caught and face the full might of the law.

Our law enforcers are on high alert and are fully equipped to put a stop to the damaging crime of cable theft across the city. The City is using all available resources to fight these criminal activities and to protect the power supply infrastructure so that the rate payers are supplied with a stable power.

The damaged 11Kv cable is valued at over R20 000, with repair costs amounting to more than R12 000.

In addition, a criminal case has been opened against the suspects at the Daveyton Police Station for two charges including tampering with essential infrastructure and the theft of non-ferrous metals.