Louwville residents received their Title Deeds from Executive Mayor Andre Truter, Speaker Olewene Daniels and MMC Michael Schaffers. 

29 Apr 2022 in Where We Govern

At least 11 title deeds were conferred to the beneficiaries on the 26th of April. Six (6) of them were conferred at the Louwville Community Hall and the remaining five (5) were personally handed over at the homes of the beneficiaries by the Executive Mayor Andre Truter.

The community members received Executive Mayor Andre Truter exceptionally well and they expressed their sincerest gratitude towards the Mayor and Saldanha Bay Municipality. Today, the Executive Mayor restored the dignity of the residents.

“During my term as Mayor at Saldanha Bay Municipality, Title Deeds will be a priority and no longer an afterthought. We promise to keep the momentum going, this initiative does not end today” said the Executive Mayor.