Committed to creating a non-racial and united Province through infrastructure

12 May 2022 in Where We Govern

On Thursday, 12 May, the newly appointed Western Cape Minister of Infrastructure Tertuis Simmers shared with the Provincial Parliament how his department is creating a non-racial and united Province through its infrastructure projects.

Minister Simmers spoke to two of his departmental projects, when addressing the Provincial Parliament debate earlier this afternoon, on the topic of creating a non-racial and united country.

He used the state of the art Integrated Residential Development Programme (IRDP) Conradie Park housing development near Pinelands as a case in point, which is set to create over  3500 housing opportunities once completed.

This noteworthy project was launched in February 2022, with the completion of Phase 1 which delivered 180 of 432 Social Housing units. To date through this project 1232 job opportunities and 86 SMME economic opportunities have been created. This project will accommodate residents with different income levels, including affordable housing markets and mixed-income, through Finance Linked Individual Subsidy(FLISP), Social Housing and Rent to Buy and/or open markets.

To further underline his Department’s commitment to building non-racial communities, the Minister pointed to another stellar project in Mossel Bay: the Mountain View Housing Project, which will create 1006 housing opportunities. To date 9 SMME’s have been appointed as service providers and 204 new job opportunities have been created through this project. It will benefit individuals in the Breaking New Ground (BNG) and FLISP markets, and will include much needed social amenities such as a church, an early childhood development centre,  a sports field and a community facility.

Minister Simmers said: “Whilst many may talk about building a non-racial and united South Africa, the Western Cape Government has shown that we are busy delivering on it.  We are committed to building a united and non-racial South Africa FOR YOU.”