Statement by Executive Mayor Ald Tania Campbell on the sentencing of two former City of Ekurhuleni officials for tender fraud

20 May 2022 in Where We Govern

On behalf of the Multi-Party Coalition Government in the City of Ekurhuleni, we welcome the
sentencing of two former City of Ekurhuleni officials who defrauded the Metro of R21.8million.
We commend the sterling work of the Special Investigative Unit and the National Prosecuting
Authority for taking a hard line against fraud, corruption, and money laundering. Furthermore,
we applaud the role of Councillors and our Section 79 Oversight Committees in unearthing
corrupt activities in the City.

The Multi-Party Coalition Government is committed to governing in the people’s interests by
eliminating corruption and adopting best practices in good governance. I hope this sentencing
sends a strong message to all City officials about the consequences of corrupt activity. We must
reiterate that there will be no tolerance of malfeasance or corruption under the current

Our Back-to-Basics ethos implores all City employees to exercise the principles of ‘Batho Pele
and commit to delivering public services in an ethical and honest manner. Therefore, we continue
to urge our staff and the public to report incidents of corruption and fraud to the City’s
anonymous corruption tip-off hotline at 0800-102-201.