Delivery of a “State-of-the-art” fire and rescue vehicle to the public safety department

12 Jul 2022 in Where We Govern
On Tuesday, 12 July the Bitou Municipality’s Directorate of Community Services took delivery of the recently funded and awarded tender for the supply and delivery of a HazMat Command Unit.
The unit is equipped to deal with initial hazmat spills/leaks and is aligned with the provincial response plans. This is the initial step to ensure that the municipality upgrades its hazmat response to be at the cutting edge of modern trends.
The unit can run on its generator and solar backup system and has essential equipment such as PTZ cameras, weather station, computer, and printer. It has various two-way radios including airband radio.
It is designed as a multi-purpose type backup which is primarily for Hazardous Materials response, however, can be used at long duration incidents as a mobile command post, and it can also be used as a support unit for lighting up areas for night incidents as well as act as an SCBA refilling unit.
The fire service requires a specific type of equipment and vehicles for performing functions and duties inherent to work requirements. Unfortunately, these vehicles and equipment are costly, and we are most grateful for Council’s support for such projects.
Additional funding is required for more specific equipment such as detection and monitoring devices, additional training, and PPE procurement. This support tender is to be advertised shortly.
The department hopes to add to its fleet during the current financial year. It also looks to replace a 4×4 Rural Pumper as well as a 4×4 Tanker Pumper.
The Executive Mayor, Cllr Dave Swart, Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mavis Busakwe, the Speaker of Council, Cllr. Claude Terblache, and Cllr. Sumeia Ndayi were all very excited as they handed over the vehicle to Acting Director Community Services, Mr. Andile Sakati.
Circulated by Bitou Communications on behalf of the Acting Director of Community Services, Mr. Andile Sakati