Adopt – A – Spot Programme Benefits Residents of Thembalethu

11 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern
George Council approved the Adopt – A – Spot programme which helps to establish partnerships between the Municipality and an applicant. The partnership agreements are to make use of, control, or manage an open public space to maintain and enhance its functionality as a form of contribution to the management and maintenance of such an open space.

However, entering into such a partnership does not grant the right of use, control, or management over a specific area to the exclusion of others.

There is no cost to adopt a spot from George Municipality, however, it is expected that the “adopters” will assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the site. This programme aims to overcome the challenges of ecological degradation, illegal land use, illegal dumping, criminal activities, and lack of safety in open public spaces. The public and all interested parties are herby invited to approach the Municipality to adopt a piece of Municipal – owned land for any of the purposes mentioned.

As your Mayor I, have witnessed with sheer delight, and would like to congratulate the residents of Thembalethu who decided to make use of this policy and Adopt – A – Spot at the 4 – way stop. A spot was adopted and beautified by residents. This is gesture that illustrates how a community can join hands with the Municipality in a way that is beneficial to residents in the area.

If you are interested in adopting a spot, have a look at our policy on the George Municipality’s website:…/ADOPT-A-SPOT-PROGRAMME-policy.pdf

You may also download the application form here:…/08/Adopt-a-spot-application.pdf

Any further enquiries on the process may be directed to Nosidima Vumindaba at or on 044 802 2900 at the Parks and Recreation department.