WCG makes significant progress in reducing title deeds backlog

29 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern

Attention broadcasters: English audio clip attached.    

In a response to a DA parliamentary question, the Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, disclosed that the Western Cape Government in collaboration with municipalities across the province has distributed 39 500 housing units to beneficiaries since April 2017. The Minister also confirmed that 8 700 title deeds have been delivered to beneficiaries of free housing units between January 2021 and July 2022. 

These figures show a significant reduction in the title deeds backlog in the province. According to the Housing Subsidy System (HSS), the title backlog in the province is estimated at 54 000. However, due to the HSS not being properly updated by the National Department of Human Settlements, the true backlog in the Western Cape could potentially stand at 31 000. 

MPP Matlhodi Maseko says: “Many of the recipients of the Breaking New Ground (BNG), Help Me Buy a Home (FLISP), Serviced Sites, and Free Housing Units programs have not yet received their title deeds, despite the fact that the Western Cape Government has delivered thousands of housing units under these programs. The Cape Town Title Deeds Office, however, has established procedures that allow pending transfers in older developments to be eligible for fast-track clearance, according to Minister Simmers’ reply.”

The DA in the Western Cape trusts that the Provincial Government will continue to deliver on its commitment to bringing dignity to the most vulnerable members of our province — not only through the delivery of housing but also through fostering social inclusion and economic opportunities.